Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thursday 13 Things that if you knew me, You'd know this About Me!
  1. I love the Ocean. My favorite part is through walking through the surf, holding hands with the one I love while watching the Sunset.
  2. I love to cook, simple, but nutrious food, that the family can get together at the table and relax and talk about their day. Now this doesn't happen every day at our house, but I love when it does.
  3. I love my family, my husband and my kids to pieces.
  4. I love pretty flowers. Thanks to Green Thumb Sunday, there is hope for my brown thumb yet!
  5. I prefer cats to dogs. I like dogs too, it's just that Cats purr and can fit in my lap better, when I pet them.
  6. I love to travel. Somebody says, "Road Trip!" I'm all packed and Out the Door before you can say, "Let's Go!"
  7. Both my husband and son are Type 1 Diabetics. I'm very proud of my husband for stepping up and being a fine example of how you take care of yourself for our son. I just pray for a cure everyday. It just kills me to see them go through what they go through on a daily basis. Sure they try to maintain a normal sense of blood sugars, but it's gotten easier with technology. Seriously though it scares me half the time taking care of my son because he is so young, and he can't tell me all the time how he's feeling, if he's low, or if he's high.
  8. I'm closest to my Grandmother.
  9. My father passed away almost 10yrs ago at 52, and it was real hard for me, because he was the second closest person to me. He taught me to listen to people, and you really don't know a person, until you walk a mile in their BOOTS!
  10. I've wanted to open my own restaurant. I like to eat. I love the idea of entertaining, so I'd invite everyone I'd know, just to come in for a good meal and a good time.
  11. I love to do things with the kids, like finger paint, going to the library and feed the ducks,just listening to them. This is a good one. After watching CARS, my son asked me if we could go on Route 66! So I thought we'd cruise that one day!
  12. I'm really starting to like taking pictures. PIC OF THE DAY!
  13. What is one thing if we knew you, what would we know??
Picture provided by Lucianne

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

As nice as it is to Get Away, it is always so Nice to come HOME! We had a great visit with my Grandparents. My husband got me a new digi cam for Christmas, so I'll post pics later as soon as I figure out How to upload them to the computer. The funnest part of the trip was taking the kids about 20 min North towards Jerome,AZ up to play in the snow. It wasn't fresh snow, but they got to have their snowball fights. My grandmother had a couple little patches of snow up at her place, but most of it had allready melted. My favorite part of the trip was just spending time with her. I like helping her in the kitchen, and playing cards with her. With the pics I'll post more, but There is No Place Like Home! Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year! I don't know about you, but I must be extremely technically challanged. I spent a couple hours going over the new camara's manuals on how to upload pics, and finally gave up. My husband came home and had it all ready in less than a minute. All he had to do is flick one switch! Argggggg!

I'm also starting Project 365 which I first saw over at Local Girl's last year, but decided I'd wait until New Years to start mine. Here's Pic 1! Let me know if you start one too, and I'll come over and visit yours.
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