Sunday, April 30, 2006

Monday Memories Part 3

Here's my Sunshine. This is Katelyn my 3yr old. A little background before she was born. My son was never a very happy baby. He never really smiled or laughed. I wasn't quite sure what was wrong, but I had this feeling something wasn't right!

Katelyn was due March 13, and was only 3 days overdue. All my girls are Spring babies. I was having contractions, but she wouldn't budge, so I decided to walk the mall! From one end to the other. I kept on walking, and then I went to the maternity ward, where they were just about to send me home when my water broke. This is where it gets funny! My MIL and FIL live about an hour away. My husband calls them and they are on their way. My mother was there with her husband allready. The doctor shows up. She tells me one more push and my daughter would be here, but we had to wait for my Inlaws. My husband calls them to find out where they were. They were in the hospital parking lot and told my husband to tell me not to have the baby until they got there! Sure! They did make it in time to see her born and my FIL got to dress her.

Another funny thing, we hadn't really decided on a name for her until she was born. She did look like a Katelyn Rose to us, so she is my Rosy! And she has brightened my days since. About 8 mos later my grandmother told me something was seriously wrong with my son, he was losing weight and no matter how hard I or anyone tried to console him he just seemed so sad. The day after Christmas my son who was 3 1/2 cried for 2 hrs straight. My husband who is a Type 1 diabetic decided to test my son's blood glucose level. It was around 400. I took him to the Emergency where we found out he too is a Type 1 also. I dropped to the floor in tears! I won't go to much into our life dealing with Diabetes, but it has helped me realize my problems seem so insignificant and that my life is neither better or worse than anyone else in the world. I've also learned that he is a very strong and independent little man! Which has helped our family become stronger and closer. Since his diagnosis he has slowly become more loveable and seemingly more happy. Although his doctor tells us he had only been a diabetic for maybe 3wks. or so before we found out ( he was not put in ICU, we caught him before he went that far)! Thank the Lord! I don't mean for this post to be a downer, but just that our families days seemed so dark, but there was light at the end of the tunnel, and now things are looking brighter! To be honest I really wasn't expectanting or really wanting to have anymore children after Katelyn, because my son was so much work, but I've been told God has a sense of humor. I'll be 34 in July, and Lindsay dear Daughter 3 is now almost 3 mos old. Check back next Monday for her story!

Green Thumb Envy: Anyone else feel this? You love plants, trees and flowers, but don't have a green thumb. I think having a Green Thumb skipped a generation.Me and my Mom went to Home Depot yesterday and we were strolling through the garden section. I just love to look and think of the vegetable herb garden I'd like to plant. Or the Avocado and Apricot tree we'd be able to enjoy, if I could them alive. My Mom has a gorgeous Rose Garden, tomatoes, a grape vine and an apple tree. Can I grow anything? No! I'd love to have Gardenias, and pretty little flowers. No matter how hard I try, these poor plants are lucky if they live a week with me. I either over water them, or not enough. My husband laughs at me. He tells me he'd rather buy me a rose bush than roses, but the roses would live longer than the rose bush. I did have a bamboo plant live almost a year, only because it was right by the kitchen sink and it got watered when needed because it was in my sight. My excuse is we live in a desert! I plant tomatoes and they burn up. My palm trees and the over 100 year old pine tree on my lot survive because my husband waters them when he backwashes the pool. Anyone have any gardening suggestions or tips? I've got Spring fever, and with the warm weather I'd like to try planting something. I'll let you know what I try and if it lasts longer than a week!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Where did we go today? My son had a field trip to a local dairy today. I took the baby and my 3yr. old along for the fun. He rode the bus. All the kids had a blast, there was a hayride tour of the dairy. Very informative of the life cycle of hefers and bulls. There are 3 bulls for every 60 hefers. And every hefer gives birth to 5 calves in her lifetime. A cow's gestation is 9 mos. except a baby calf weighs in at 100lbs at birth. WOW!! The sad thing about the birth after the first day the calf is taken somewhere else to be raised. I couldn't imagine someone taking my baby away from me. We also learned that these cows were very clean, they recieved 2 showers every day.And when a calf is 5 mos old they are purposely FED a magnet. This magnet collects any bits of wire in their hay or nails they might ingest. They get a pedicure once a year,too.
There was a 1 month old baby calf in the petting part of the tour. Now I can see where the term COW EYES comes from. She had beautiful BIG brown eyes. There were also baby bunnies, the 3 little pigs, and a gorgeous pure White 20 yr old Clydesdale named Wade who used to pull carriages out in front of the Temple in Salt Lake City,UT, but is now retired here to AZ.
At the end when the kids got to eat lunch they had their choice of either Chocolate,Strawberry or plain milk to drink. My 2 kids decided on Chocolate, and I thought I'd be different and have Strawberry.
My husband and I joke about buying a cow, because our family drinks about 1 Gal a day!
I told him we could buy one for $2,800. We'd save money, but we're not in a zone that allows keeping one!
At the end, after lunch the kids were set loose on a really big 8 ft high HAY Maze! It was the coolest thing! They got lost for at least an hour. Teasing each other that hay monsters were after them! It was a great morning!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

GAS PRICES: I know I'm not alone about getting squeezed by high prices. Tonight our news station listed some of our main gas suppliers emails. It's late, but here are the top 3.
It's almost to the point my husband can't afford to go to work, because he's in construction and drives all over town 1hr there and 1hr back some days without a gas allowance. I'll be giving them a piece of my mind tomorrow. I'm just curious what they have to say about an almost .30 increase in the last 2 weeks.
Everyone have a good night!
Thirteen of My Favorite Songs!
1.) Making Memories of Us- Keith Urban
2.)Jesus Take the Wheel -Carrie Underwood
3.) Ironic- Alanis Morisette
4.)Let's Fly Away-Frank Sinatra
5.)All for Love-Bryan Adams
6.)Some Beach-Blake Shelton
7.)Real Good Man-Tim McGraw
8.)The Nick Song by Jack Black...Just Kidding!! :P That song got way too played out, and some days it got stuck in my head all day! Real scary! Only second to The Wonder Pets Theme Song, and either Dora or Diego.
9.) Breathe Your Name-Sixpence None The Richer
10.)Heaven-Los Lonely Boys
11.)Crazy-Patsy Cline
12.)Fancy-Reba McEntire
13.)Under The Sea-Little Mermaid
I also chant from time to time, "Just Keep Swimming!" my New Mantre from "Finding Nemo"!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I thought I'd call Weds. "Friendsday Weds.". I'd post 5 things that either caught my eye or something that I have in common with someone.
1.) This recipe for biscuits from Tanya/The Purple Giraffe look yummy. I'm going to try them.
2.) This oil painting of a StarGazer Lilly from Leanne. It's my favorite flower.
3.) This pic of a butterfly from Wystful1.
4.) This great tip from Shannon/Rocks in my Dryer on packing for a trip.
5.) SusiePie's favorite movie is Ever After. I've always liked a good Cinderella movie, and Drew Barrymore is really good in it.
I'm off to Jack in the Box to try their New Chipotle Chicken Ciabatta sandwhich. Say that 10x's fast. I love spicy food and can't resist anything with Chipotle in it.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Part 2: My son Joshua's Birthday!

I have several memories of the day my almost 6yr old son Joshua was born. He was 9 days overdue and it was the middle of July in AZ, around 115F. I had gained 40+ pounds. The doctor could tell I was miserable, and said the baby was ready if I wanted to be induced. My husband and I had been into the Maternity ward 2 or 3 times before with False Labor with Josh, so that next morning at 8am they induced me and I thought he would come right away...The one thing I didn't have with my first was an epideral, so I didn't realize being induced meant labor came twice as hard and twice as fast. I was literally shaking from the pain. My husband said I reminded him of the exorcist. When I got my epideral I was in heaven. 12hrs later at 8pm Josh was born. The first thing I noticed, was my daughter had beautiful dark pink skin, Josh was so white like the movie Powder. We brought him home, and one of my favorite pics is of Marissa holding him, and both of them falling asleep. Her head resting on his. Now, sometimes they fight like cats and dogs!! Off I go to get my cup of coffee and start my MONDAY!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I really feel compelled today to share this mother's story and share my own. As a mother of 4, I'll be the first to say while I by no means am a child expert, I have been in this mother's situation, and feel for her and the breastfeeding rights of Mothers everywhere. First, you can read her story here! http://reluctantlactivist.blogspot.com/ My .02 mixed with my Mother's advice. Even well known formula companies state that experts agree breastfeeding is so beneficial for babies. My mother told me when I was born, that my peditrican told her breastfeeding was very primative and it was better for my Mom not to nurse me! Well, my Mom changed doctors! She's been very supportive through my choices of feeding my children. Again I am no expert on the subject, but with each of my children I've learned that the World has many views on what is normal and acceptable! I love my children, and I wish times permitted me to breastfeed them exclusively, I worked from 4-10hrs a day depening on how busy my job got! With my first, I breastfed her for 6mos, and the 2nd and 3rd for only 2 mos (again my Mother supported my choice and was not happy it wasn't longer, but other members of my family weren't as supportive)! My baby now is 2mos and she's so cute! She voices her opinion loud and clear! If a silicone nipple even touches her lips she'll refuse to eat! I'm a SAHM now and with my husbands support, his understanding being the man he is, has to do with money, that breastfeeding is a less expensive alternative to formula! As for the other members of my family who aren't as supportive, who think breastfeeding takes too much time, or is not satisfying enough for babies, I just tell them they are entitled to their opinion, and I appreciate their advice, but this is what my baby needs and wants! Back to this mother's story and what upsets me, because I have been in her position. In a public place with a screaming baby who only wants to eat NOW!! Not when we get home. Not when we get to the car. I've felt the looks of people who without one word the full meaning of their looks are "Can you stop your baby from crying, it's really annoying!". As mothers, it's only natural to bring our babies to our breasts. Again, realizing that not all mothers are able to nurse, due to complications, choice, adoption, or other situations where breastfeeding is not an option, but none the less we draw our babies close to help calm them! I know there are people who are not sympathetic to babies and their needs(who if babies could talk, would probably say something like, "STOP looking at my Mom's boobs, their MINE, ALL MINE!!"). I wish EVERYONE would get it! This is not in any way near the same thing , but if a little boy playing at a public playground has to go PEE, and whips it out and pees on a tree, what do people say! Bottom line who cares what people say. The child didn't want to pee his pants! Just like a mother wants to feed her child! If someone has a problem with it, just look the other way! Simple as that! I would like to finish saying if at first breastfeeding seems difficult at the beginning, which from personal experience my first and last babies were for the first week or so, keep trying! It did get easier for me. In the advice of my mother, if your choosing not to, or are unable to try for at least the first 2 mos., but I can't think of a more relaxing time than BREASTFEEDING while BLOGGING!! :P I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! Check out what other Mother's are saying about this: http://moodswingcreations.com/blog/ The Queen of Spain Sleepy New Mommy

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I thought I'd died and Gone to Chocolate Heaven! For those of you with a gigantic "SWEET TOOTH", and a dream come true for chocoholics around the globe! Check this out!! From Pimp My Snack, a site with snack creations from " Walnut Whip" to a giant version of the the "Creme Egg". I'm off now to go get my chocolate fix by helping the kids with what is left of the Easter candy! Enjoy! :P


Thursday, April 20, 2006

With Summer around the corner, This Thursday 13 are my 13 Dream Vacations!
1.) Alaska
2.) Key West, Florida
3.) Niagra Falls
4.) Spain
5.) Napa Valley, CA
6.) Hawaii- The islands of Oahu and Kauai.

7.) Jamaica

8.) Cancun

9.) Sydney,Australia

10.) Rome,Italy

11.)Paris, France

12.) Japan

13.) Costa Rica

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I am a HUGE Keith Urban fan! That said, Nicole Kidman is a very lucky woman! Can you tell where this is going....! From "Cocktail" to " A Few Good Men" and even the first "MI", I was a huge Tom Cruise fan. Until Nicole and Tom split. He just lost all appeal .I've only been a slightly interested in Tom and Katie's relationship. The simple fact is why haven't they gotten married if he loves her so much and now she's the mother of his NEW baby Girl *Suri*. Which I think is a lovely name. In Hebrew, meaning "princess", or in Persian, meaning "red rose". I send them my Congratulations! To tell the truth though, I'd rather go to a Keith Urban concert, than another Tom Cruise flick.
Follow the Yellowbrick Road!! Last night my oldest daughter had her Spring concert! She plays the violin very well. I hope she keeps up with it, because she plays better than I ever did. The concert was really cute. There was Dorothy and Toto, and they got lost looking for the Wizard, just like in the Movie, but instead of Tinman, Scarecrow, and Lion, Dorothy meets Darth Vadar, Pocahontas, and Bugs Bunny!! The characters matched the Theme songs she performed. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", the Theme song to "Star Wars", "The Colors of the Wind", and "The Looney Tunes" theme song. She had a really good night and we all went out for ice cream after.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This was really fun! I'm originally from So. Cal, and I LOVE LA! The very first job I had was at a Marie Callanders. The manager drove a cream colored Jaguar with matching cream leather interior. I dream of cruising PCH with the top down!

You Are Los Angeles
Young and fun, you always know where the best parties are. And while you tend to keep things carefree and casual... You certainly can glam it up when you need to. Famous people from Los Angeles: Tyra Banks, Jake Gyllenhall, Freddie Prinze Jr.
You Should Drive a Jaguar XK 4.2
You don't care how you get there as long as you get there with class. And having a little power doesn't hurt either!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Here's my other BIG Baby! His name is Snowball a.k.a "Garfield"! His favorite food is lasagna and his favorite past time is a day long siesta!
Part 1: I thought for the first Month of Monday Memories I'd go back to the Birthdays of my children. Each day as unique as my children. My oldest Marissa, is now 12, but I remember as if it were yesterday. I had just gone for my checkup and the doctor had said not to expect any surprises this weekend, my daughter wasn't anywhere near ready to come out!! It being Valentine's weekend, my husband and I teased what if she came early and was born on Valentine's Day!! She was due March 3, so we still had two weeks to go! My baby shower went fine, except I started having contractions and everyone kept telling me the baby was dropping. That night my 3 yr old nephew, as children do with such innocence asked me, "Can the baby come out and play?" That night I had contractions and couldn't sleep. It's now Valentine's Day, and around after lunch my husband asked me if after he gets back from the gym, what movie we were going to see, and where we were going for dinner? I told him, "I think it's time TO GO!" Off we went. By now it's around rush hour traffic in So. Cal. and I wasn't about to have my baby in traffic!! We got to the hospital around 4:30 and my daughter was born at 5:45. It's truly amazing how they come when they WANT!!