Monday, November 12, 2007

This hasn't been a FUN Monday after all!! Here I am, just temporarily, until I transfer to my new server. I'm trying to catch up with you all, I've just been frustrated with my hosting company. They kept telling me my blog would be back up by morning, and when I called to talk to them in person, they had no idea when my site would be back up, and instructed me to 'Submit a Ticket' if I was having technical difficulties. In my opinion what kind of customer service is that. They were absolutely NO HELP what so ever. And even had the nerve to charge me for my monthly hosting fee. My brother said it could be weeks maybe months before they get it back up. I called a new hosting company and it could be a couple of days, or by next week. On a positive note, I am learning some techy stuff as I go along. So what have I been doing, since I CAN'T post, ACKK!!! I am in withdrawls, and besides FUN Monday, I have a post, but it can wait until FRIDAY, what I've been up to. I will leave you with a name and you can GOOGLE it if you want to , "Amy Butler". As for things going around the house, Lindsay learned a couple new words, she can say 'Socks' and she can say, "Good Girl" and "P Butter"! You all have a great day tomorrow!