Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One word to describe this morning was WHIRLWIND!

It's Parent Teacher Confrences this week, and like the chickenpox back in the day, you wanted all your children to be exposed to it, so you got them through it all the same time.

Same thing with this morning. First was Lindsay's. She's doing really well. Again, I remember Kindertgarten we needed to know our ABC's by the time we were sent off to 1st grade. Now they are needing to be able to count to 50 and know all their ABC's by December before Winter Break (Christmas Break)!

Then Josh had his. The last two years with his Diabetes and me working and going to school, had been really tough. This year I have to say he's doing so much better, and it really does show. From his handwriting, and his general feeling about school and learning. He does need some improvement with Math and comprehension, but we are getting there. His teacher said she knows he's doing his very best. Which made him smile.

Katelyn's went just like I expected it too. She's doing wonderful. The only surprise I got was that she's reading books way below her grade level, when both her teacher and I know she has read books at and above her level, so we're just going to check to make sure she's choosing books that suit her better.
So with one conference right after the other, after the other, OH did I mention this was BEFORE school even started.....Then I had to go home and get the children ready for school. By the time I got back Today I help in Lindsay's class, I went straight to there.

A couple more random things. I joined PINTEREST which I am just loving checking all the crafts, recipes, and photos out. Has anyone else checked it out?? What do you think??

So far I am making these Pumpkin Cupcakes

and this SPOOKY BANNER to decorate for Halloween from Create and Dream Scrapbooks

Wishing you all a SPOOKTACULAR DAY!

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Kailani said...

Wow, those cupcakes look too good to eat! Very festive!

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