Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Belated New Year!! What a year full of FIRSTs...Lindsay's first day of school, Marissa's first day of her LAST year at school, Josh's first day on his own taking care of his diabetes by himself...and he did an awesome job....Katelyn started reading her first book series, my old Nancy Drew books...

My plan was to start the new year, with the intent of blogging everyday...and I am a little off by a couple weeks, but I had to sort through what EXACTLY I wanted my blog to be about, the things I wanted to share, what direction I wanted to go with it and then I would just run with it so without further ado...this blog will remain about the FAMILY and family reviews...I wanted to start a healthy living/recipes blog, a home/garden blog, and on the side my hobby for custom cakes/cupcakes. I know it sounds like alot, but I've had A TON of time off, and now that I'm back and without more time to dedicate to blogging, I feel I can offer my readers information for their reading pleasure!

More to come....Here are a couple pictures from the Holidays and a picture from a field trip I took Josh on to the Science Museum.

Here are some cool links I found via Pinterest...

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