Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There are no words to fully express how I have felt being gone from blogging, these past few years, and how incredible it feels to be back visiting with you all. Although I haven't truly disappeared off the face of the planet. I've kept up, by reading blogs and interacting on Facebook.

To catch all of you up, TIME has just flown by, it's extremely hard for me to believe, but Marissa my oldest is a senior in Highschool, planning to attend NAU. She has a passion for the arts; digital/B&W photography, ceramics, and painting.

Joshua is now in 6th grade. His diabetes so far this school year has been amazingly under control, opposed to last year, which was a very difficult one. He's active in sports like he has always been.

Katelyn is 8 and in 3rd grade. She's in student council and is still my Sunshine.

My little Lindsay is 5 and started K. She absolutely loves her teacher and school, and keeps questioning me on Saturday if this is a school day.

For me, while I've been working 25 hours a week, going to school, (with plans to graduate this spring), and this year I feel a weight lifted off me with Josh's diabetes. The nurses at his school are amazing. They help me feel like Josh is in excellent care. Not having to worry has encouraged me to get back into blogging.

WHAT exactly have I been going to school for?? Actually I am wanting to start a personal chef business for families that have special dietary concearns, or a small catering business. As ALL of you know I LOVE to cook.

To help me get back into the blogging groove, I am keeping up with ALL the blog posts I used to write about, of course our family, and cooking, as well as crafts/decorating, product reviews/Giveaways and see if I can get Marissa to help her mother with some guest posts on photography.

As always, I am looking forward to catching up with all of you, and am so overjoyed to be back in the blogosphere once again.

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