Sunday, April 30, 2006

Green Thumb Envy: Anyone else feel this? You love plants, trees and flowers, but don't have a green thumb. I think having a Green Thumb skipped a generation.Me and my Mom went to Home Depot yesterday and we were strolling through the garden section. I just love to look and think of the vegetable herb garden I'd like to plant. Or the Avocado and Apricot tree we'd be able to enjoy, if I could them alive. My Mom has a gorgeous Rose Garden, tomatoes, a grape vine and an apple tree. Can I grow anything? No! I'd love to have Gardenias, and pretty little flowers. No matter how hard I try, these poor plants are lucky if they live a week with me. I either over water them, or not enough. My husband laughs at me. He tells me he'd rather buy me a rose bush than roses, but the roses would live longer than the rose bush. I did have a bamboo plant live almost a year, only because it was right by the kitchen sink and it got watered when needed because it was in my sight. My excuse is we live in a desert! I plant tomatoes and they burn up. My palm trees and the over 100 year old pine tree on my lot survive because my husband waters them when he backwashes the pool. Anyone have any gardening suggestions or tips? I've got Spring fever, and with the warm weather I'd like to try planting something. I'll let you know what I try and if it lasts longer than a week!!


Bar Bar A said...

I wonder if The Green Thumb always skips a generation? I missed out on it too but my mom is the "queen" of gardening. I posted a few of her flowers today as a matter of fact.

Hope you have a good week.

Chi said...

My momma had a fantastic ability to grow flowers of any kind...unfortunately, I cannot...everything I touch/plant dies. Good Luck with your gardening! *s*