Monday, April 24, 2006

Part 2: My son Joshua's Birthday!

I have several memories of the day my almost 6yr old son Joshua was born. He was 9 days overdue and it was the middle of July in AZ, around 115F. I had gained 40+ pounds. The doctor could tell I was miserable, and said the baby was ready if I wanted to be induced. My husband and I had been into the Maternity ward 2 or 3 times before with False Labor with Josh, so that next morning at 8am they induced me and I thought he would come right away...The one thing I didn't have with my first was an epideral, so I didn't realize being induced meant labor came twice as hard and twice as fast. I was literally shaking from the pain. My husband said I reminded him of the exorcist. When I got my epideral I was in heaven. 12hrs later at 8pm Josh was born. The first thing I noticed, was my daughter had beautiful dark pink skin, Josh was so white like the movie Powder. We brought him home, and one of my favorite pics is of Marissa holding him, and both of them falling asleep. Her head resting on his. Now, sometimes they fight like cats and dogs!! Off I go to get my cup of coffee and start my MONDAY!


Bar Bar A said...

Great visual of your two kids. 9 days overdue! WOW. Epidurals are great - I waited too long to have one too and can relate to the shaking pain. It's worht it though :)

Catch said...

Your son is a doll! I was induced for my last baby.....the labor only lasted for 4 hours but what a ride that was! No epidural!!! Just pain...lol.