Sunday, April 23, 2006

I really feel compelled today to share this mother's story and share my own. As a mother of 4, I'll be the first to say while I by no means am a child expert, I have been in this mother's situation, and feel for her and the breastfeeding rights of Mothers everywhere. First, you can read her story here! http://reluctantlactivist.blogspot.com/ My .02 mixed with my Mother's advice. Even well known formula companies state that experts agree breastfeeding is so beneficial for babies. My mother told me when I was born, that my peditrican told her breastfeeding was very primative and it was better for my Mom not to nurse me! Well, my Mom changed doctors! She's been very supportive through my choices of feeding my children. Again I am no expert on the subject, but with each of my children I've learned that the World has many views on what is normal and acceptable! I love my children, and I wish times permitted me to breastfeed them exclusively, I worked from 4-10hrs a day depening on how busy my job got! With my first, I breastfed her for 6mos, and the 2nd and 3rd for only 2 mos (again my Mother supported my choice and was not happy it wasn't longer, but other members of my family weren't as supportive)! My baby now is 2mos and she's so cute! She voices her opinion loud and clear! If a silicone nipple even touches her lips she'll refuse to eat! I'm a SAHM now and with my husbands support, his understanding being the man he is, has to do with money, that breastfeeding is a less expensive alternative to formula! As for the other members of my family who aren't as supportive, who think breastfeeding takes too much time, or is not satisfying enough for babies, I just tell them they are entitled to their opinion, and I appreciate their advice, but this is what my baby needs and wants! Back to this mother's story and what upsets me, because I have been in her position. In a public place with a screaming baby who only wants to eat NOW!! Not when we get home. Not when we get to the car. I've felt the looks of people who without one word the full meaning of their looks are "Can you stop your baby from crying, it's really annoying!". As mothers, it's only natural to bring our babies to our breasts. Again, realizing that not all mothers are able to nurse, due to complications, choice, adoption, or other situations where breastfeeding is not an option, but none the less we draw our babies close to help calm them! I know there are people who are not sympathetic to babies and their needs(who if babies could talk, would probably say something like, "STOP looking at my Mom's boobs, their MINE, ALL MINE!!"). I wish EVERYONE would get it! This is not in any way near the same thing , but if a little boy playing at a public playground has to go PEE, and whips it out and pees on a tree, what do people say! Bottom line who cares what people say. The child didn't want to pee his pants! Just like a mother wants to feed her child! If someone has a problem with it, just look the other way! Simple as that! I would like to finish saying if at first breastfeeding seems difficult at the beginning, which from personal experience my first and last babies were for the first week or so, keep trying! It did get easier for me. In the advice of my mother, if your choosing not to, or are unable to try for at least the first 2 mos., but I can't think of a more relaxing time than BREASTFEEDING while BLOGGING!! :P I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! Check out what other Mother's are saying about this: http://moodswingcreations.com/blog/ The Queen of Spain Sleepy New Mommy

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