Sunday, April 30, 2006

Monday Memories Part 3

Here's my Sunshine. This is Katelyn my 3yr old. A little background before she was born. My son was never a very happy baby. He never really smiled or laughed. I wasn't quite sure what was wrong, but I had this feeling something wasn't right!

Katelyn was due March 13, and was only 3 days overdue. All my girls are Spring babies. I was having contractions, but she wouldn't budge, so I decided to walk the mall! From one end to the other. I kept on walking, and then I went to the maternity ward, where they were just about to send me home when my water broke. This is where it gets funny! My MIL and FIL live about an hour away. My husband calls them and they are on their way. My mother was there with her husband allready. The doctor shows up. She tells me one more push and my daughter would be here, but we had to wait for my Inlaws. My husband calls them to find out where they were. They were in the hospital parking lot and told my husband to tell me not to have the baby until they got there! Sure! They did make it in time to see her born and my FIL got to dress her.

Another funny thing, we hadn't really decided on a name for her until she was born. She did look like a Katelyn Rose to us, so she is my Rosy! And she has brightened my days since. About 8 mos later my grandmother told me something was seriously wrong with my son, he was losing weight and no matter how hard I or anyone tried to console him he just seemed so sad. The day after Christmas my son who was 3 1/2 cried for 2 hrs straight. My husband who is a Type 1 diabetic decided to test my son's blood glucose level. It was around 400. I took him to the Emergency where we found out he too is a Type 1 also. I dropped to the floor in tears! I won't go to much into our life dealing with Diabetes, but it has helped me realize my problems seem so insignificant and that my life is neither better or worse than anyone else in the world. I've also learned that he is a very strong and independent little man! Which has helped our family become stronger and closer. Since his diagnosis he has slowly become more loveable and seemingly more happy. Although his doctor tells us he had only been a diabetic for maybe 3wks. or so before we found out ( he was not put in ICU, we caught him before he went that far)! Thank the Lord! I don't mean for this post to be a downer, but just that our families days seemed so dark, but there was light at the end of the tunnel, and now things are looking brighter! To be honest I really wasn't expectanting or really wanting to have anymore children after Katelyn, because my son was so much work, but I've been told God has a sense of humor. I'll be 34 in July, and Lindsay dear Daughter 3 is now almost 3 mos old. Check back next Monday for her story!

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Haleigh Anne said...

Your daughter is too cute for words!

I am so glad you caught the Diabetes 1 in time. I lost my baby due to mistakes made by a doctor. Losing a child is just something a mother shouldn't have to experience. I smiled when I read that your son is OK.