Friday, April 28, 2006

Where did we go today? My son had a field trip to a local dairy today. I took the baby and my 3yr. old along for the fun. He rode the bus. All the kids had a blast, there was a hayride tour of the dairy. Very informative of the life cycle of hefers and bulls. There are 3 bulls for every 60 hefers. And every hefer gives birth to 5 calves in her lifetime. A cow's gestation is 9 mos. except a baby calf weighs in at 100lbs at birth. WOW!! The sad thing about the birth after the first day the calf is taken somewhere else to be raised. I couldn't imagine someone taking my baby away from me. We also learned that these cows were very clean, they recieved 2 showers every day.And when a calf is 5 mos old they are purposely FED a magnet. This magnet collects any bits of wire in their hay or nails they might ingest. They get a pedicure once a year,too.
There was a 1 month old baby calf in the petting part of the tour. Now I can see where the term COW EYES comes from. She had beautiful BIG brown eyes. There were also baby bunnies, the 3 little pigs, and a gorgeous pure White 20 yr old Clydesdale named Wade who used to pull carriages out in front of the Temple in Salt Lake City,UT, but is now retired here to AZ.
At the end when the kids got to eat lunch they had their choice of either Chocolate,Strawberry or plain milk to drink. My 2 kids decided on Chocolate, and I thought I'd be different and have Strawberry.
My husband and I joke about buying a cow, because our family drinks about 1 Gal a day!
I told him we could buy one for $2,800. We'd save money, but we're not in a zone that allows keeping one!
At the end, after lunch the kids were set loose on a really big 8 ft high HAY Maze! It was the coolest thing! They got lost for at least an hour. Teasing each other that hay monsters were after them! It was a great morning!


Haleigh Anne said...

What a fun trip! I like the comment you made about buying a cow...that's funny. I think my mom and brother could split one with as much milk as they drink. I like both your blogs and will be adding them to my blogroll. I am excited about the home spa recipes. I'll make some and try them out and post the experience on my blog. Thanks for visiting!

Bar Bar A said...

I remember doing something like this when my son was that age too! Its such a great memory. I am glad you all had fun.