Thursday, December 07, 2006

For those of you who have come here looking for a T13, I am taking a short break this week! My week has been pretty hectic. I'll be back next week for sure. This week I'm posting something new that really touched me this week. I don't post about my husband enough, and as he has started to read my blog, I thought it only appropriate to let him know how much I and his family Love him. From Kelly at Pass the Torch, I found this Love Thursday post, so I thought this post would fit perfectly.
LOVE IS..... Sharing my 1st Cookie with my Daddy!

Don't you just love how the baby has more hair than my husband. LOL! Just teasing. He really is a wonderful father and husband. When I had to go back to work with Katelyn our 3yo when she was 6wks. old, he stepped up and took care of her, even after he worked over 12 hrs. as a restaurant manager. Those were a couple of crazy years for us for sure. He loves to play catch with our son, and the baby is his little precious Angel. Right now, he's working on starting his own WoodWorking company, building cabinets and custom furniture, so he can work from home.

What I love about him most, is his deep blue eyes, and sense of humor. He can always put a smile on my face, when I'm having a terrible day. Taking care of our son has been much easier with his support. He is a Type 1 diabetic as well, so I have him to turn too, when I feel hopeless against not knowing what to do in taking care of our son. We've had some interesting years together. I just Thank God for my husband's love and support of his family, for all his hard work, and all the little things he does to make all our lives better.

You can read more stories about Love Thursday at Chookooloonks and Pass the Torch.


Anonymous said...

What a heartwarming picture! You should really treasure these moments!

BTW, finally got the meme done! Thanks!

alisonwonderland said...

thanks for sharing! i did come looking for a T13, but i appreciate the reminder about appreciating the love and support of my husband. nicely done!

Catch said...

this is wonderful Christine....and if your reading this hubby...congratulations for being a great husband and a awesome Father....the world does not have enough of them! God bless you and your family!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Great post about a wondeful guy! So glad you played along today. Happy Love Thursday!

Sharing a cookie? Definitely Love! (cute picture!)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post :) You and your family sound richly blessed!

Pass The Torch said...

What a darling moment you've captured. I'm so glad you posted this! Isn't Love (Thursday) grand??


Anonymous said...

Your whole family is cute! :) I love the picture. You can really tell how much you love your husband...your post is so warm and loving. How nice to have such a wondeful man at your side. Cheers to both of you for finding such great love and support in each other.