Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We had a really wonderful Christmas, How was yours?? We spent Christmas Eve at my SIL's. All the cousins running around, Christmas wrapping paper covered her living room. The baby was crawling through it we could barely see her. My husband's other two kids were there. His son has his drivers permit, so my husband let him drive his truck! He won't even let me drive it!! That was pretty special for him to get to spend time with them. His son also bought presents for all of my kids which I would have never expected. I thought that was really cool. That night Marissa helped me wrap presents. We had baked cookies for Santa, left them out. Usually all the cookies get eaten, so it looks like Santa ate them all. Even my husband was completley stuffed from my SIL's, so Marissa wrote a letter (from Santa) to Joshua, Katelyn, and Lindsay, saying the cookies were really good, and he could only eat just one, because he wanted to share the rest with them. Christmas morning, about a quarter to 7, we hear Josh get up. We hear him searching through presents. Paper being unwrapped, and he comes running down the Hallway screaming," Look what Santa brought me!"
The funniest thing, the baby had more fun playing with all the other kids toys!
Merry 1st Christmas, Lindsay!
She loved the Purrfect Princess Kitty!
The camera says, "You look Pretty as a Picture!"
This is how I look, first thing in the morning before my cup of coffee. Love her eyes!
Nana, bought the Hummer! You know she has to buy the Best!
And my husband did good this year!
He bought me my very own digital camera, so I would stop using his.
Wasn't that sweet of him!


Ducharmenator said...

Great pictures. Children at Christmas make it so much more fun. Big blessings and hugs this Christmas. Blessings - LJ

scribbit said...

Yea, gradparents always seem to go all out on presents. That's some car!

Catch said...

I so enjoyed the pictures Christine!! Your children are adorable...I love the Kitty Princess! It sure looks like a grand time was had by all! We buy all that wrapping paper and it always ends up scattered all over the floor....kinda funny huh? lol

tiggerprr said...

Looks like your family had a great time! It's so cool that your husbands' older kids thought of your younger ones. My daughter does that for her half siblings and I know it means a lot to my ex. :)

Looney Mom said...

Those are great pics. It looks like the kids really had a great Christmas.

Pass The Torch said...

Looks like an excellent Christmas! Ours was wonderful as well.

Karianne said...

I love reading about the Christmas times of other families. It all looks like so much fun. That Princess doll looks so cute, I want one!

Jessica said...

Kids at Christmas is so exciting isnt it? It is definitely neat to see the world at a child's level!

Kelli said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas! It looks like lots of fun!