Monday, December 11, 2006

My husband and I had the biggest laugh tonight. Most of you know, our 3yo Katelyn has quite the imagination. Well tonight, using the box I got the baby's Christmas toy from Amazon , and the attachments to my vaccuum, declared she was in a swamp, and she was looking for swamp creatures and that she was in a boat in a swamp rowing with my vaccuum attachments. We then asked her who the swamp creatures were, and she said, of course her brother, Marissa, and my brother. This child has the wildest imagination. She is bound to be a future story writer with the plots she has in her head. As we all know and love, 2 and 3 yos behaviors as Terrible or Terrific, depending on the time of day, and if candy is involved. For Katelyn, ever since she saw her cousins presents, wants her presents NOW! Every day this past week, and I kept telling her not until Christmas Eve, and that she needed to wait for Santa Claus to open her presents. Bless her heart, after stomping her feet, through all the pouting and the endless I wants.....She told me today out of the blue....OK, Mommy I'll wait for Santa, and just walked out of the kitchen, like nothing every happened !! I can completely relate to being impatient over the Holidays. I had and still have a hard time waiting for Christmas! If you like to read more Pass the Torch Tuesday posts, where Kelly challanges us to catch a kid, whether it is your own or not, doing something good, you can read them HERE!
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Anonymous said...

It's so hard to be a kid at Christmas time! I try not to put out our presents too early or I'll have to hear my daughter whine about opening them every single day!


Pass The Torch said...

That's so cute! What a sweetheart.
I guess sometimes it just takes a little while for messages to sink in;)

Anonymous said...

Adorableness! That is so cute how she stated that she's gonna wait!

I totally understand! :)

Catch said...

What an imagination she has! She probably going to grow up and be an actress! I hope she doesnt star in those swamp movies! lol

Mike said...

Always love the imagination of a toddler. My 3-year old's latest:

"So who are you going to be today?" I asked my 3-year old, prodding him to do some pretend play.

"I'm Bruce Wayne," he said.

"Bruce Wayne?"

"Yes," my 3-year old said. "If I wear my jacket, I'm Bruce Wayne. If I take it off, I'm Batman."

"Oh." I guess he is combining Batman and Superman.

"So who will I be?" I asked.

"Oh," said my 3-year old. "You're Joker."



Anonymous said...

Swamp creature? Had no idea a vacuum could be used like that. Very creative!