Monday, December 18, 2006

When my brother and I were growing up our Mom would take us to the Mall right around Christmas every year. This mall, some of you may have heard of it called South Coast Plaza. It's one of the most amazing malls in So. California. I haven't been back recently, but I do have this fond Christmas memory. The mall every year we've gone, and been has always been gorgeously decorated. Bright lights and Huge Christmas ornaments. Bright red pointsettas and those White Reindeer light decorations. Simply beautiful to look at. When I think of Shoppers rushing home with their treasures, I think of this mall. There are some of the same shops in there that you would find in Beverly Hills. Back when I was growing up, those shops didn't exist, but the mall was just as bright and beautiful.

At the center of the mall, was an old Merry-Go-Round, and my mother would take me and my brother to see Santa, and then to ride on this Merry-Go-Round. Of course 20+ years ago it was only 10 or 20 cents a ride, but there was something magical about it for me and my brother.

While shopping for gifts at Toys-R-Us a couple of years ago, we wandered over to the mall next to it. When what to my wondering eyes did we see, but a Merry Go Round. Although it's $1 a ride now, I'd hope to continue a wonderful tradition I grew up with and continue with my children.

Do you have a Christmas memory or Tradition that is very special to you?

This story had me ROTFL, The Truth about Reindeers. Enjoy it, I did!



Looney Mom said...

That's a great memory. We have a merry-go-round in our mall but I HATE going to the mall like nothing else that I've only been on that thing once. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine! What a sweet memory! I remember the carousel or the ride outside of Kmart from childhood.

That's great that you found the merry-go-round!

Thanks for sharing, and I loved the reindeer story; needed that laugh!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice memory about the carousel!

We do have a tradition started with our family...we purchase ornaments each year to add to our collection of ornaments, and each year when we decorate the tree we each hang our own ornaments.

Catch said...

I too have lots of memories from my childhood, they are all special to me...do you realize how fortunate we are? Not all people have memories like that. A great childhood is such a wonderful foundation for a child to grow on.

Southern Girl said...

Love that memory! Yours inspired me to blog about one of my favorite Christmas memories that I'd just been thinking about a day or two ago -- perfect timing. ;)