Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today was an extremely BUSY day! First Josh had bowling. He got 2 strikes and 3 spares and bowled 102. Then we picked up Nana so she could go Christmas shopping with me. When we got back home, my husband and BIL were putting in a new kitchen window for me. We are slowly replacing the original single pane death trap windows, with double pane ones. One by one of course. We still have half the house to do. Nana and I went shopping, she got her husband Vince Gill's new CD Collection, and gifts for her great-grand children in CA. I was able to get dress up shoes for Katelyn, and a Basketball for Josh, and one gift for one of my neices. We had a good day shopping. After we got back, I didn't plan on cleaning up the mess my husband would make this weekend, which put a damper on some of my decorating, I'll just do more tomorrow. I have some Christmas shaped Sugar cookies, and Chocolate chip for y'all, with some hot chocolate. These are a few pics I took, the tree didn't quite get finished because by the time after dinner Katelyn fell asleep, and I want her to have some fun decorating.....Oh and the baby, crawled right straight for the tree, and almost pulled it down. My husband's been asking me what I want for Christmas. For a materialistic gift, I would really like a new digital camera. If I could have my Mom's new husband's fmily and ours get together would be my Christmas wish! So here's a question for you, What are you asking Santa for?? Something materialistic, or a simple Christmas Wish??

Most of our ornaments are plastic or the silk covered balls. Anything non glass.

With 3 'lil kitties who like to climb the tree, I learned my lesson a couple years ago after they just about broke all of them. I don't want any of my fur babies or children to get hurt.


Southern Girl said...

I just ordered myself a new digital camera as my Christmas present to me. ;) But, I'm asking Santa to bring me a Stampin' Up gift card! As for something non-materialistic, I would very much like my little pre-born nephew to cooperate on Christmas and let me feel him kicking in his mama's tummy. She's almost seven months pregnant and he's asleep every doggone time I'm around so I haven't gotten to feel him YET.

Catch said...

as for me...non materialistic would be a cordless screwdriver....materialistic would be some good perfume. Your tree looks really pretty Christine!!! when will you be sending those cookies??? LMAO