Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Participating Positives:
I really liked this from Ardice . 5 Things I'm Thankfull for 1.) My husband does work, and supports the family. 2.) We have great air conditioning and a pool. In AZ both IMO both necessary! 3.) Watching the kids grow up! My step-son is graduating HS, and my son and oldest daughter K and 6th grade this year! 4.) My Mom! She's always been there for me when I've really needed her help! 5.)My MIL respectfully! Even though most of the time we have different views on many of subjects, she is still a great grandmother to my kids, and the mother of my husband. I wanted to add coffee and chocolate to my list, but the above listed seemed more important! This post was meant to be posted for Tuesday. Yesterday I got my haircut and attended my step-son's ROTC graduation. I need more than 24hrs in my day I swear! I'll post my "Weds. Friendsday" list still!

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