Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Cactus Flower Detail, Washington, USA

Christmas Cactus Flower Detail, Washington, USA Photographic Print Wild, Jamie &... Buy at AllPosters.com Hope everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, food and FUN! We were all stuffed. Nana put on a spread and announced this would be her last time cooking, so she went all out! She makes the best stuffing, and her Turkey, Great Grandpa said this was the best one EVER! It just fell off the bone!! She made whipped poatoes and this awesome green bean/onion with cheese casserole. There was fresh fruit, and I made a Pomegranate Salad with mandarin oranges and walnuts. For dessert we had apple and pumpkin pie. My MIL feed the baby who just loved the mashed potatoes. Lindsey ate half her plate!! She also took a very long nap! Which was a plus for the Momma, who is just loving this 4 day weekend! Yesterday my Mom came over and baked cookies with the kids. I went and rented Monster House and The DaVinci Code. I was surprised that Monster House was PG!! I really wanted to rent CARS, but I was too late! Katelyn was a little scared, so I put on Little Einsteins for her! Marissa and I watched the DaVinci Code. It was good, I liked National Treasure better! Tom Hanks is great! Then we just kicked back the rest of the weekend! No GTS post, but I've been digi scrapping again, and I'll post a Christmas Card layout I've been working on later. Sometime next week, I'm going to take the kids Christmas picture!

Cacti Decorated for Christmas, Phoenix, AZ

Cacti Decorated for Christmas, Phoenix, AZ Photographic Print Galloway, Ewing Buy at AllPosters.com


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I need to start my baking too. I'll probably be stressing at the last minute. Oh well. That's part of our tradition I guess! LOL! ;)

Catch said...

Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving. I bought the movie Monster House for my 3 yr old grandsons for Christmas....I saw it advertised on tv and I thought it looked like a cute movie.

Dont even mention baking...I always put it off till the last minute! lol

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! :)

BTW...my blog is now hosted at blogger...please stop by and say hello!