Friday, November 17, 2006

First I want to Give A HUGE Thankyou to Liz a.k.a. Looney Mom for all her help decorating my place for the Holidays!! She is so sweet and great to work with. She'll make sure you are happy with the way everything looks, and that everything works and fits perfectly!!
I love it!!
Secondly, I spent more time yesterday at my son's school than I had planned. It was a special day, and I enjoyed having lunch with him, my MIL and his NANA. It wasn't for Thanksgiving, just a day almost like Open House, but more like Open Classroom for Family. It was fun, and it made his day to have us there. He was really happy to have us and show us what he does at school.
I'll be visiting T13s, today for sure. I'm picking up the house today, because family is in town and leaving tomorrow, I'm pretty sure she'll be coming over today sometime. I have very little time to blog today!! Catch up with everyone later!
Everyone have a great Friday!!


Ocean Lady said...

Ooo neat! I love your new blog design! I especially love when you roll the mouse over links how it's got the snow globe effect. And the banner is awesome and very festive and the stars and colors. (-:

Catch said...

Oh this is so cool! It looks beautiful. I love it!!!

Looney Mom said...

Thanks, Christine. I appreciate your kind words - you were great to work with too. Thanks for your patience!

Just holler if you have any problems or need any revisions.

Happy0303 said...

I love it! I wonder if she designs for WP, too?

The Pink Diary

Pass The Torch said...

LOVE your new digs! Gorgeous!

Jessica said...

Oh very adorable!!!