Thursday, November 23, 2006

One hundred and nineteen
Have you ever changed a flat tire by yourself?
No, but I remember when my husband was showing me how, and I just let him change it! I'm not very good with tools!
Do you have an "innie" or an "outie" belly button?
Innie. I had it pierced until I was expecting. Then I had to take it out!
Name a new paint color and describe it.
Steel Blue. A bright greyish -blue, very cold looking!
Main Course
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
There are so many to just pick one! The kids favorite would be decorating the Christmas Tree.
If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be, and why? White Chocolate Macadamia nut! You are what you eat, and they are my favorite!!


I said...

You'd be an awesome cookie :) Happy belated Thanksgiving :)

-- gabrielle

Anonymous said...

Nice feast. :) Great main course and dessert. Decorating the tree is always so much fun. :)

Happy Friday and have a good weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic blog design! It has cheered me up on a grey and wet morning :)

We used to love haveing the tree decorated. When we were really young my parents would put it up on Christmas eve when we were asleep. It was magical.....although they were always very tired the next day! As we got older we did it ourselves...once wehad convinced dad to bring the tree in from the garden!

Connie and Rob said...

Decorating the tree is pretty exciting. Every year when I open the same ornaments I have the same expressions...awe...

Take care,
My feast is up.

Anonymous said...

Great list! We have the same dessert! Happy Friday:)

Anonymous said...

Great list, I like decorating hte tree too.

Anonymous said...

Nice feast. The dessert sounds delicious!

Sanni said...

A very *yummy* feast. I´m dying for your macadamia cookie... May I get one, pleeease?

Enjoy your weekend...

Sanni from Germany

Celfyddydau said...

lovely feast. Have a great weekend.

Dinner is served at my place, pull up a chair

Anonymous said...

Nice feast.
Have a great weekend.
Greetings from Germany,

P.S: Mine's up too. http://sweetlikekitty.blospot.com

Barbara H. said...

Great feast!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Cat said...

Nice feast, thanks for sharing! Mine's up too if you get the chance and you aren't too stuffed.

Here it is!

Anonymous said...

You are my kind of cookie!

Anonymous said...

Yum! I LOVE white chocolate macadamia nut cookies!

Catch said...

Great feast...Im a chocolate chip cookie!!!!! lol