Sunday, November 05, 2006

Christmas Gift Exchange 2006
I am so excited. I found out who I'm sending a Secret Santa gift to. It's Mandy's Mother. Mandy is the Hostess for this year's Christmas Grotto Goodie Swap. This Sunday I was reading Mandy's Green Thumb Sunday post, about the special gift she got for her Birthday from her mom. It's a beautiful post, you'd enjoy reading.
Her mother is very special, and I'd like to give her something really nice. Your suggestions would mean so much to me! What would be the perfect gift for her?


Catch said...

I think it would be kind of hard to pick something out for someone you never met. I mean, does she like perfume? Some people dont. A nice centerpiece for the holidays is always nice.....does she read? I always love books. I guess I would ask her daughter what kind of things she likes and enjoys. Gift certificates are kinda impersonal but you cant go wrong with one of those. Maybe some pretty dishtowels with holiday things on them. A real pretty Christmas ornament??? Thats not the bulb exchange is it? Im in one and I forget where it is...lol... and who it is! Leave it to me...lol

Ocean Lady said...

Maybe the place "Things Remembered" where you can personalize things with her name or something. I think they have ornaments there. (-:

Haleigh Anne said...

I got my partner's info also. I think the swap is going to be a lot of fun. The person I am exchanging with is male...didn't see that one coming. I have to swtich gears a little bit and rethink what I am going to buy.

Looney Mom said...

Wow. Sounds interesting. Something personalized is good. I'm of no use here - sorry. LOL!

I responded to your inquiry on a new template. I hope you got it. I'm so EXCITED and I can't wait to get started!