Saturday, November 11, 2006

We had a surprise visit from our family from CA, this weekend. When I took Josh bowling, they showed up at the bowling alley to show their support! Josh was so excited and happy to see them that he bowled a 110. Better than his Mama for sure! My husband's Aunt and her son who is a year older than my daughter is like an older brother for Josh.

My husband's Aunt and I were talking about our almost teenage children, and compared notes as to what they do. It made me think how much I appreciate my Mom, and not knowing what she went through while we were growing up, I'd hope my children would appreciate everything I do , and am sacraficing not working to be home with them, and my son would one day look back and remember everything we went through taking care of him. I don't mean to sound like they owe me, or expect anything from them, but all that it would really take to make me smile would be a small Thank you MOM, we Love you, and I would be the happiest Mom in the World!

Getting back to why I've been thinking about all of these things, the Blogosphere is very small indeed, after my company left after lunch, I read a comment from Chaotic MOM about a contest she was having, fit perfectly with what was happened today! You can visit Chaotic MOM to read all the details of the contest!

My mother is a very quiet person. She's slow to anger, and very loving! She is the most patient person I've ever met, and she has a heart of gold. She has a Green Thumb and we had the most gorgeous garden in our back yard growing up. Right now she's sewing a costume for my daughter who has a Violin Concert on Monday! She's an awesome and very thoughtful grand-mother!

My Mother-in-Law, has always been like a second mother to me! When I was faced with things I couldn't talk to my Mom about I'd confide in her, and when my Dad passed away, she's always been there to comfort me! Which is fine, because my Mom didn't know how, she was dealing with her own grief at the time!She's quite the opposite of my mother as far as being patient and very quick to anger, but she's very straight forward, and lets you know what she's thinking without holding anything back, which can be a good thing! She's a wonderful Grandma too!

I'm thankful for my grandmother. She was always so much fun to be around, and still is. Since I am her first grand child, she sort of spoils me I think, but I love this woman to death. She loves to play with my kids, and always sends packages in the mail, which they love getting packages in the mail from Great-Grandma! She's an awesome baker. She bakes my husband all these cookies and spoils him with them! My mom doesn't like to shop at the Malls, but when I go up to visit my Grandma, we go Shopping!

My husband's GrandMother. She is NANA to my kids! She's alot of fun to be around too. My husband is the first grandchild for her, and since she has 6 daughters, when my husband was born, he was like her first son. She is an awesome cook. She's having ThanksGiving this year. Her stuffing is incredible! She's a very active 70 yr. old, who up until last year bowled in a league with my husband. Josh wants to bowl with her, which is so COOL! She's always treated me like I was her grand daughter, and we both check up on each other every day! She's concearned about her whole family, which includes the 13 grand children , and I think she has 15 great- grandchildren, which is only about half of the grand children with kids! So she's very family orientated! She's also a giver, and whenever we go over to visit, she wants you to feel like you're home.

These are the women I'm very Thankful for in my life. Not forgetting my sister-in-law who is like the sister I never had. Even though she's six years younger, since she's had her children, we've gotten much closer!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, got my vote

Ocean Lady said...

That is sooo awesome that you have such a huge family/support system! Great post!! ((()))

Chaotic Mom said...

Wow. You have some amazing women in your family, and good support, too. I appreciate my MIL, too, for some of the same reasons maybe. I'm adding your link to the post now. Hope you don't mind. ;)

Happy0303 said...

What a great post to recognize the women in your life! That kind of support is so important!

The Pink Diary

TC said...

A lovely post. I posted my grateful for moms post today as well.


Catch said...

how lucky you are Christine to be surrounded by these wonderful women! I hope every one of them get to read this, and realize how much you love them!

Pass The Torch said...

Your mom sounds like someone I'd aspire to be!

Jessica said...

Family support and a close family is so wonderful!

Haleigh Anne said...

A wonderful thanksgiving!

When I was very young, my mom knew everything. When I became a teenager, my mom knew nothing. When I became a mom, my mom knew everything again. It took until I was an adult and a mom before I really apprciated everything my mom did for us. I make sure she knows how I feel now and I tell her "Thank you Mom".

Kathleen Marie said...

You are so very blessed to have all these wonderful women in your life. Thank you so much for sharing!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

How wonderful that you have such special women in your life!!

Chaotic Mom said...

I have laughed, and I sure have cried while reading through ALL of the Giving Thanks for Mother contest entries. And I've RE-READ them all since coming home, too.

I wish I could post ALL of them as winners, maybe send out some more books from my winnowed out collection. ;)

But I've FIANLLY published a winner and invite you to come on by and check out my post. I am working on a sidebar link to the winning post, but also a link to the contest post with ALL of the listed entries.