Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Five of my favorite shows
I don't watch too much TV, but ceartain days especially Thursday nights, my husband just leaves me alone to watch my shows.

5.) Heros-On Monday nights, new show about these people with super powers who are all connected. One can fly, one girl is invincible, one can stop time and teleport, and one can take on all the others powers. They are all trying to save the world, and I just love sub-titles, two of the characters speak Japanese.

4.)LOST-Every episode leaves you with more questions. It always hooks me into having to watch the next weeks.

3.)Shark-It's on Thursday night after CSI.A new one about an L.A. lawyer, and being a single dad.Great show! My husband and I actually watch this one together.

2.)CSI:Las Vegas-My husband just pointed out that Grissom was in this Western movie way back when, I think it was Young Guns, anyways, Crime scene and mysteries have always intrigued me.

1.)Survivor-This season is great. They divided the teams up into racial groups. Whites, Asians,Hispanics, and African-Americans. In the begining you could tell the groups would stick together and which race was the best, but now the teams are all combined, it's Survivor, it doesn't matter what race you are, can you play the game!


Catch said...

my favorite tv show is Dancing with the Stars . I try never to miss it. Thats really about the only show I watch. I read books mostly...or blog!

Anonymous said...

We've been watching Survivor for years! Love it! (-:

TC said...

Cool list. I have never seen Heros but it sounds really good.

I LOVE CSI, all of the versions!

Looney Mom said...

I love CSI. We started watching Lost the first season but they just seem to NEVER resolve anything and so we were LOST and Gone from that show! Too frustrating!