Tuesday, October 17, 2006

OK, this week, my kids were good, but they were themselves this week, nothing out of the ordinary! My BIL came to visit us this weekend, which was a complete shock. He told me that when we went to visit my SIL this week, and my neice let me son, and tried to teach my son how to Rollerblade, that she does not share her RollerBlades with anyone. That she must really like my son to share them with him. My son had a blast learning how to skate, and she had fun teaching him.What was so funny, is that my son is a true clutz. He trips on air. My SIL and I were holding our breaths that he wouldn't crash and break something.He just fell forward, then pulled himself back and almost fell over, but he got the hang of it, and got the biggest grin that he didn't FALL! So, a lesson learned, if there is something to be enjoyed, how much more fun it is to share it with someone else. :P Pass the Torch Tuesday Guidelines: Every week, we share simple and stupendous times kids make us proud. Just write about catching a kid being good, link to this specific post (it may ping in comments) or put your link in comments so we can find it, and read everyone’s posts. Or if you’d prefer to share your story in comments, that’s fine as well! Complete guidelines and former PTT links are >HERE< .


Ocean Lady said...

Your guy sounds so cute imagining him on the rollerblades having a blast! I'm gonna check out "Pass the Torch Tuesday" probably after I'm done with this tough semester during my break. It sounds very good!

Pass The Torch said...

Excellent Pass the Torch Tuesday!! And what a grea thing for her to have taught your son. That's really cool - thanks for sharing it!

I updated your comment on my site so it linked to this post - it was still linking to last week's post (I think the old post automatically goes into the comment form.)