Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sorry no PassTheTorch post for me today, the kids and I have been a little sick this weekend. I'd like to Thank Kelly, she did inspire me to start a new blog. It's over at Crafty Kids . In the beginning, I think I'll only be posting once a week like my garden/photo blog A SW Oasis. And if that isn't enough, I'm thinking of starting another blog all about my Digital Scrapbook Layouts. Like I don't have enough to do allready. Everything ties in here at home, and gives a little variety to my blog. Everyone have a great day!


Pass The Torch said...

And it's an excellent post! We did the dinosaur dig today - with noodles buried in rice. SO FUN!

Thanks Christine -

Catch said...

Hope you all are feeling better real soon! Take care Sweety!

Happy0303 said...

How many blogs do you have? How do you find time for all of them? lol!

Hope you're all feeling better soon!

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