Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thirteen Random Things #22
1.) Today the children got up at 6am. It's still dark out. They normally get up around 7.
2.)We made pancakes with Cinnamon.
3.) The new kitten loves to play with the babies bottle, and tries to suck on it.
4.) The kitten is actually watching cartoons with the kids right now!
5.)Last night my husband and I watched the Season Premiere of LOST, we liked it.
6.) I've got him hooked on Deal or No Deal!
7.) For the first 6wks. of school, my son kept telling me he didn't like school. He hasn't said anything this week. Which is strange, because he loved K. I think in 1st grade, there is more actual work.
8.) Instead of Spring cleaning, I've been Fall cleaning. I've been cleaning the kids room and closets.
9.) My husband took the day off, so we could go to lunch and do things around the house we don't normally get done until SAT.
10.)The baby is on her knees crawling now! She's mobile, and getting into everything all ready.
11.)She has 6 teeth and not afraid to use them. She loves mashed potatoes and Cheerios.
12.)My 3yo old who is has been afraid of razors and scissors since who know when, decided since her older sister left the scissors out, that she needed to cut her hair.
13.)She has never had her hair cut. It's down to her 'lil bum, and if you saw NINE last night, her hair almost looks like that. It doesn't look too bad, but you can tell. I'm going to have to cut her hair.

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...my 2 cents said...

That's cute that the kitten was watching cartoons w/ your kids!

How funny that your 3-yr-old cut her hair... it seems like alot of kids do that at least once.

Carmen said...

so much to comment on!

Lost = so excited!
Deal or No Deal = I heart Howie!

My cat used to watch tv when he was a kitten, but I don't think he can "see" it anymore, because he ignores it. He used to chase things when they went off the screen. :)

Just Expressing Myself said...

LOL I know about how kids cut their hair.
Six teeth huh? They are so adorable when they eat those Cheerios one by one.
As always a pleasure visiting.
See you again soon,

Norma said...

So much to cherish here--including a new kitty.

Thanks for visiting.

Lazy Daisy said...

The cinnamon pancakes sounded delish! Hope you son is adapting to school. I like random list...life is so random!

Anonymous said...

I love your Garfield and Odie banner!!! Those cinnamon pancakes sound really GOOD! We usually get up around 7am too. 6am ~ eek!! We probably "should" get up earlier, but it is so hard.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, pancakes! I love Lost too! I need to do some of that cleaning myself.
Thanks for stopping by.

Haleigh Anne said...

You will have to share before and after pictures of the haircut!

Uisce said...

I can't wait to see Lost. I recorded it on my DVR. Well, all but the first five minutes. Can you tell me what happened in the first five minutes? It's a long story. And long. :)

Lingerie Lady said...

Oh man, I am not looking forward to the first time my daughter chops her hair. So far she has not done it in four years...but I know they day will come.

Happy0303 said...

I FINALLY saw an episode of Deal or No Deal. It was actually pretty entertaining!

The Pink Diary


I find the kitten so cute to be watching cartoons with the kids. It's also nice to find out that your baby is crawling. Later baby will be walking and all over reaching out for things.
Thanks for stopping by.

Christine said...

Oh I have much experience with home haircuts. My daughter cut her hair herself...three times. One time she had just the front of her hair up in a ponytail holder on top of her head. She cut it off. The back of her hair was still long, but the front was to her ears. And another time she did the same thing your daughter did. Half her hair up to the ear. It was awful. I feel for you.

Brony said...

I could so not deal with 6:00am. I am not a morning person.
Didn't you find that lost didn't seem to really go anywhere? I love the show, but was expecting more.
I should try fall cleaning.
Have fun with the crawling.
Happy TT!

Faerylandmom said...

I did see The Nine last night...at least she didn't cut her fingers off right? LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today.

MysteriousLady said...

They get used to 1rst grade, but it is different. More work, less play.

Thanks for visiting today! Hope you had a wonderful day!

MysteriousLady said...

That is a beautiful pic! Just beautiful! For WW. Somehow, I'm commenting on TT and WW! Oh well.


Natsthename said...

#9. Isn't it nice to take time together to go out to lunch? My hubby and I do it every other week, and I look forward to it every time!

Nice 13!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, cinnamon pancakes sound so good! We watched Lost too, but I was a bit disappointed - I want them to start answering questions instead of posing several more per episode! I'm still hooked though, and watch every week :)

Have a wonderful day!

Jersey Girl said...

I never had cinnamon with pancakes before...that sounds good! Blogger knows me as Jersey Girl, but I'm signing on with my wordpress blog today. (Saving Face)

Barbara H. said...

Very interesting Thirteen! We're Lost fans, too, and also caught Nine right after -- looks intriguing!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts