Monday, October 16, 2006

OK! I've cleaned up my page a little. Still editing. I was trying to match my new site on my own domain. I have my own domain, but I read something this weekend at Plain Jane Mom's blog that had me a little more than upset, and now changing my mind to stay on Blogger a little while longer. If anyone else had heard of this let me know if you have any more info. There is a site called Bitacle that is scavaging and theiving not only our posts, but our entire blogs. My garden site A SW Oasis is only a couple weeks old and has been collected allready. Bitacle, uses our posts to make money with AdSense. It wouldn't bother me too much about the copying of my posts, because I'm not a very good writer . The fact is the Principle of the matter, It's Piracy!! I spend a good amount of time on my posts and someone comes along and is making money off of them. . She's not alone. There are plenty others. No one asked my permission to copy my blog. The other fact, they are HOT LINKING Photos, which if I moved my site to my own domain my bandwith wouldn't be very much, and I'm not very Techy to figure out how to stop them from stealing it! So I'm looking further into this. Just thought I'd ask to please keep Kailani from the Pink Diary and family , in your prayers and good thoughts, she was in an EarthQuake Hawaii had, and has been without power*Edited:She's got power now*. It's been a long day today for a Monday! Which reminds me how much I H A T E Monday's, especially ones after a long four day weekend! How is yours going??


Catch said...

My Monday was kinda laid back....I slept in, had company for a couple hours, fixed dinner...and now Im getting ready to go to bed.! Not too exciting was it? lol

Anonymous said...

That is very creepy! I'm gonna have to check them(bitacle) out later. That's good that Kailani is safe! My Monday was very long too. ::uggh::

TC said...

Wow that is really wrong. I wouldn't know how to stop them either.