Friday, October 27, 2006

This has got to be the longest week I've ever had. First last weekend, the baby, me and Katelyn were sick. Now my son and my oldest both were getting sick all night. I've gotten only a couple hours of sleep,every night this week. After reading Ocean's idea for a costume, that could work for me. Just call me The Zombie Mamma! My husband lucky him was bit by a mosquito, and being diabetic the doctor gave him antibiotics, so he'll probably miss this round of sickness. He was so sweet last night Josh came out of his room. Took two steps and did the Exorcist down my hallway at 9 last night. Usually my husband and I watch Shark. He actually picked up a mop and was trying to help me clean up the mess. Which I was shocked he even stepped up to help. Usually I'm on my own, but after taking care of the other two and myself, I'm just so exhausted. Things wouldv'e been easier if they all got sick together, instead of taking turns! Thank you all for well wishes. Josh is resting now, and Marissa's feeling better. It's an ugly 24hr bug. Katelyn was so cute the day after she was sick. Josh took a book out of the library, The Hungry Catepillar, and bright and early in the morning, she was back to her self. Loud as could be we could hear her trying to read the book,"Look at the pretty Butterfly!" I knew she was feeling better.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Ocean Lady said...

Oh no, y'all had a "bug". I can NoT stand those. Hope y'all get LOTS of rest and recuperation!!!! ((()))

Looney Mom said...

Oh wow. I'm sooooo sorry. I totally know what that's like and mom really never does get the rest she needs! I'll pray for you to get some GOOD rest and for everyone to be well SOON!

Catch said...

Im so sorry you guys are sick Christine....try to get some rest Sweety! If I lived closer Id make you some chicken soup!

Pass The Torch said...

Being sick makes life so

I hope you're all on the mend and back to normal soon!

TC said...

Sorry you are sick. That sucks. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Happy0303 said...

That was so nice of your husband to pitch in and help. It's those little things that mean the most. Hope you ALL are feeling better soon!

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