Monday, October 23, 2006

I've been planning on taking the kids to the Pumpkin Patch since the first weekend in October, here it is almost the last weekend, and we still haven't gone. I don't think they are as disappointed as I am.Hopefully we will get to go next weekend. This weekend, the baby had a fever and wasn't feeling too good. Then we had unexpected friends of the family come and visit, with a 2 day notice. I'm glad they let us know they were coming, but I still had to rush and clean the house and get things ready for them to come. And I wasn't looking forward to them coming. My husband and I aren't materialistic who try and keep up with the Joneses, but these friends have to have the New everything, or whatever we have isn't good enough. They always do things better or have more than us. Thank God it was only for Saturday, and they left Sunday morning. Anyways, whatever flu bug the baby picked up, she shared with me, and Sunday night, I just felt horrible. This morning I feel better, but still icky. I kept my son home from school, because he said his tummy felt sick too, and I'm not taking any chances. Back to our friends, when we were working with them about 15yrs. ago, we all got along, and we still do, I just feel like if we don't have what they have, we don't fit in. With two diabetics in the family, I try and explain to my oldest daughter, we'd have more in life, but taking care of my husband and son is more important, and they are worth more than anything, or any trip. She's been feeling some pressure from her friends too about not fitting in, and not having the things all her friends have. I've tried to explain to her too, that she may not have things like they do, but she's got what she needs, and a family that loves her. That having what they have wouldn't make her who she is, she makes who she is by being herself, and they'll either accept her, or not, the important thing is that she needn't try and impress them or change who she is to be their friend. She's seeing how her real friends treat her, and that makes me feel good that she can see what I'm talking about, even if that means she doesn't have an IPOD, or those expensive tennis shoes. If I had the money I'd take us all on a trip. Somewhere with a beach, where I could watch the kids chasing the waves, while my husband I can relax. If you had money, what would you do with it?

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Catch said...

I also enjoy the beach, I would love to rent a big beach house right on the beach, where you can see and hear the waves crashing to shore.I would take quiet meaningful walks along the beach in the mornings, my whole family would be there with me, so I could enjoy my grandkids playing on the beach, at night we would have a fire right on the beach and sit around and talk and maybe have a few margaritas, we would have so many laughs and so much fun.

Tracie said...

Honestly, I would pay off debt!! But if you want to know what I would do that is fun.....I would love t take my family on a trip to the mountains and stay in a nice cabin for a week or so. Just relaxing and enjoying nature and being together without distractions.

Happy0303 said...

I'm with Tracie, I would pay off debt. I know, not very exciting but it is reality. Now, if I was debt-free and came into some money, I would probably go on a family trip somewhere.

Hope you're family is feeling better soon!

The Pink Diary

Looney Mom said...

It's so hard isn't it? I'm glad your daughter has some "true" friends. That's hard to come by.

I think I'd take a trip if I had extra money. Time's short and the kids grow quickly. You'll always have debt, but you won't always have those little moments.