Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Have you caught your kids doing something good this week? Catching my son doing something good this week really made my week. Now this moment I'm talking about if you read my PTT on my son learning Patience, he also has a one track mind when he sets his mind on something, and it's very hard to change his mind.
Being the boy that he is, I bought him a new pair of shoes for school when it started. Now 6 wks. later he needs a new pair of shoes. He plays alot of basketball, and so he definetly wore his old pair out.This past weekend I picked out a pair for him without him being there to choose. There was a black pair and a white pair. I thought he'd like the black pair, but since his last pair was white, I bought the white pair. When I got home, instead of Thanking me for buying him a new pair of shoes ,he got really upset and said he wanted the black pair. My husband told me just take them back tomorrow and exchange them. This is one thing I don't have time for is running back and forth for something that really can be just accepted as it is. I told my son that the next pair of shoes I will be sure and get him a black pair, and that I was not going to take the white pair back. You know what, I thought he'd be all upset and keep the same frame of mind about wanting a black pair of shoes now! I am so happy to report that he looked up at me and said,"That's OK, Mom, I like the white ones, and I'll wait for the black pair next time!" He gave me a hug, we put his shoes on, and he's learning to tie his shoes, and then he bounded out the door to play, without giving me a hard time. Made my day and week!
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Pass The Torch said...

Great job again! You are so good at recognizing what's right about something that starts out not-so-right. I think it's important that we recognize our own limits too - like not running an extra errand for someone's imagined need. All it took was for you to pause and he made the right choice about his attitude.

Neat kid. Thanks for joining us again this week.


Catch said...

Hes a good boy Christine!! Your right to be proud of him.