Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Before my Friendsday Wedsday list I'd like to Thank Life As A Dot Com for the wonderful mention on her blog, and take a look at her new banner that Kat from Living with Multiple Personalities made for her, looks great!! So be sure to visit her's as my new Friend! It really made my day, so Thankyou again.
FriendsDay Weds.Day #3
Onto my list of 5 things that caught my eye or that I have in common with someone!!
1.) Chocolate Ravioli-from Bona Fide Bunkum .
2.) I really like this quote too! from Chilady
3.) If you haven't seen this yet, stop by Ames to watch The Evolution of Dance Video. Even if you don't have sound it's hilarious to watch!
4.)There is just something I like about this postcard-from Mumbo Jumbo
5.) I miss the Ocean! -from No Deep Thoughts
Every body have a great day!


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Lisa said...

Isn't the Grand Canyon the most amazing thing on this planet! Pictures just don't do it justice. And I love the Painted Desert. My sister-in-law lives in Mesa. I want to go back and visit there again sometime.