Friday, May 12, 2006

Yeah it's Friday!! I live for Fridays!! This week has been extremely chaotic.Quick recap Monday I had to spend 1 hour at the Nurses office because they were understaffed, and my son's bloodsugars were low and took awhile to go back up. Tuesday-My oldest daughter and the entire 6th grade had to do a Country report and she chose the Bahamahs! Part of the report was to present it in costume, and prepare food from that country.Then parents and the rest of the school came and visited all the 6th graders countries. Kinda like a World's Fair! It was really cool EXCEPT my son had eaten half a can of pineapple and I had to spend another hour in the nurses office because his bloodsugars were too high!! Weds.- 2 of my husbands Aunts came out from CA to visit,so I spent an hour or so with them, my MIL and my husband's grandmother.... Then comes Thursday, my husband's cousin and her daughter come out to visit and we spent an hour or so with them. They're from Minn. and AZ is way to hot for them, so they cooled off in our pool. Here's Friday-Every 3 mos I need to take my son for his diabetic checkup. We spent over an hour there. My son is on the insulin pump, so the doctor tells me that every 3 mos I'll have to readjust the calculations on the pump based on my sons growing and gaining weight. How do I do this, you may ask? This is really crazy. For 24hrs. I will need to feed him NO-CARB meals and snacks. No bread, cereal, fruit, or milk. This will be interesting. As for my Mother's Day presents from the kids I peeked at my son's....He made a book for me with pictures he drew of me and the things I like to do!! He really knows his mama!I got misty eyed for a minute or 2!


Ocean Lady said...

Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend! :) That is so sweet how your Son made you your special book. :) I'm not sure if mine made anything yet. I haven't checked his bookbag; maybe I should. ;)

Haleigh Anne said...

What a wild week! Your son's present is too precious. I can't wait for kids and the cute things they give you.