Monday, May 15, 2006

Yesterday was really relaxing! My BIL grilled hamburgers for my SIL,MIL, my husband's grandmother and me. It was nice. The kids all got along. My husband was working in his garage, my FIL and my husband's grandfather were relaxing back at their homes, and my BIL after his duty as GRILL MASTER was over, he went to his room to play on his PlayStation. Which left us women to sit and visit. I liked it because the kids could play together without being told to sit and behave in a restaurant, and my MIL lives about an hour away and with the price of gas we hardly ever get together anymore except holidays and birthdays! I brought over a carrot cake, this was AWWWW so cute!! The kids sang Happy Mother's Day to You to the tune of Happy Birthday to all of us, and we put 3 candles in for my niece and my 2 kids to blow out. It was really cute! After I got home I called my mom, who went out with her husbands family for brunch, told her that my brother and I would take her out for Dinner to Joe's Crab Shack! So my husband watched all 4 kids so I could have a nice quiet dinner out with my MOM!! I didn't know how to act! I kept looking over my shoulder as if to check so see what my kids were doing. I shared a piece of Key Lime pie with my Mom, so I had a great day! Everyone have a great Monday morning!


Haleigh Anne said...

It is wonderful that you got to have dinner with your mom and no kids. What a great day!

Bar Bar A said...

I'm so glad you had a good day and special dinner out ALONE with your mom. I bet she loved it too :)

Ocean Lady said...

That is very sweet! The carrot cake sounds yummy too! :o)