Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Friends Day Wednesday #5
Every Weds. I pick out 5 things that Catch My Eye or that I have in common with someone.
1.) My new friend this week is Lady Jane . Being from the SouthWest, I love Mexican food, and she posted a recipe for Taco Twist Soup . She also has a great knitting/Reading blog
Knit the Classics . She loves to read Jane Austen's Pride and Predjudice and has a Australian German Shepard, I'd love to own one of these beautiful dogs one day. If you get a chance stop by and visit her.
2.) 2 friends this week posted pics of quilts. The first is Haleigh Anne. She also has a quilting blog
Tortola Threads. The second quilt was made by Kelly from Diary of the Nello.
3.) If you like puzzles try these from Wystful .
4.) Where in the World is Carmen? Before she left on her trip, she left some
5.) I'd love to go on a Safari. Here are some cool pics from Mary Horn.

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Haleigh Anne said...

Thanks for posting my link to Tórtola Threads! I like your idea of posting what you have in common with people.