Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thank you to Bar Bar A for these quick questions:
Questions for the Weekend: 1) Olives - do you prefer green or black? GREEN
2) Who is your favorite comedian?I really don't have a favorite, I love them all if I get a good side splitting laugh!
3) How much does it cost you to fill your tank with gas these days ? About $30, which lasts close to a week, I'm only budgeted for more than half of that!
4) Have you ever witnesed the birth of a baby? No, but I was told my Son looked like an ALIEN coming out!
5) Is there a word that really bothers you? C$nt, and moron...I just feel these are completely uncalled for, completely unnecessary, and extremely hurtful words.

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Bar Bar A said...

Hi Christine! I haven't even answered these on my blog yet so I will answer them on yours:

1. Neither!
2. Johnny Carson if he counts
3. $41.00!
4. No
5. Same one you chose plus stupid, I don't like that word