Friday, May 26, 2006

School is officially over and what a week it was!
Tuesday my son had a Patriotic Program for Memorial Day! They sang America the Beautiful and Yankee Doodle. Said poems like Old Glory....Waving little flags and they were all dressed in red, white and blue.Here's a pic of my 3 yr. old, and my son! He has never been one to have his picture taken.

Then my oldest had her last school field trip to a water park, and was in such a hurry with her friends to get to the next water slide, missed a step and broke her foot!! To my disgust with insurance companies (another rant later) I couldn't get crutches from WalGreen's because they couldn't bill my insurance company!!

Wendsday, my oldest daughter had an Awards Ceremony! I'm so proud! She got a GOLD Award for Academic Achievement and a signed letter from President Bush! She's an awesome child! I love her that she is not only intelligent, but she has a beautiful soul!

I'm a little camara shy too! She usually smiles, but I know she must have been in pain.I just can't believe how grown up she is getting! And yes she is taller than me!!

Here's a bonus picture of the baby! She's almost 4 mos. old!


Bar Bar A said...

I'm so sorry about your daughter's foot! These are great pics and its nice to see you! You have a great looking family!

Haleigh Anne said...

You have beautiful children! Congrats to the oldest on her achievements! Congrats to the mom who raised her!

Lady Jane said...

You do have beautiful children! I'm quite happy to hear about their Patriotic Program! Congrats to your daughter, on her achievements!

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures! That is so terrific on your daughter's achievements! :)