Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So far this week is not as hectic as last week, which is a nice change of pace. The school year is winding down, and I can't wait for Summer! No running back and forth to the school 4x a day(sometimes more if I need to go to the nurses for my son)!! Next year my son will be in 1st grade, which kinda makes me sad a little! I'm really going to miss having him around for a better part of the day! My oldest will be going in JH.She's allready counting down the years until she can drive! She's such a BIG Help to me! When I worked fulltime, that's the one reason why I hated working so much is I worked at night, and I never got enough time with her because she was at school all day! She's an awesome student, but I like being able to help with her homework. So, tonight I'm in a cooking mood! Last night I just popped a couple frozen pizzas in the oven. Since I need to go to the store for bread and milk,(my husband swears I go everyday!!) My husband and I like to watch FoodNetwork and Rachel Ray is his favorite. So this is what I'm making tonight.
Rachel Ray's 30 min-Meals: In a Pinch Peach Cobbler and Mushroom Casserole...I love Peaches, and I think I'm going to add whatever is on sale either Chicken or Pork, with some Asparagus and biscuits.
Here's one of my favorite cookbooks by her Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Get Real Meals.
Everybody have a great day!


Bar Bar A said...

HEY!!! We are twins! My avatar on Yahoo has the same face and hair :)

I really need to get one of those cookbooks and learn how to cook.

Christine said...

I always wanted a sister. Could we have been separated at birth, or should we call the DoubleMint company and see if we could be in their commercial!!LOL

Rachel Ray's Great! The meals are easy, use fresh and not so out of the ordinary ingredients, best of all the kids love the food!