Monday, May 08, 2006

Part 4:
My oldest daughter told me I am obsessed with the Alphabet!
So far, I named my children J,K, and M. The missing letter 'L'!
Introducing my 'LAST' child 'Lindsay'.
She is now almsot 3 mos old and half sort of laughed for the first time last night! What's great is my son adores her! He plays with her, and gives her hugs and kisses, it's just great for him to show affection.
She was also due on March 3, and came 2wks. early. My oldest daughter begged me not to have her on her Birthday!
I started haveing contractions around the 8th of Feb, and had a Dr.s appt on the 9th. My Dr. had me take another ultrasound to make sure everything was OK! What was really cool, this time for the last ultrasound they gave me a 3-D pic. You could really see her little button nose, and crooked lips. After picking the kids up from school, my Dr.s asst. told me that my fluid levels were low, so she wanted to get Lindsay out, just to be on the safe side. I got to Emergency and waited nearly an hour, even though they knew I was on my way! Then a nurse from Delivery came and told me they had been waiting for me this is all about 6pm. I had thought the Dr. wanted to bring her out ASAP, and she would be born that night! OH NO, I had to wait until the morning...All the while being induced AGAIN!! Having the other children to take care of my husband couldn't stay with me, so I was alone. One thing I do not like being is alone. I must admit I definetly got some well needed PEACE and QUIET!!!! I got to read several magazines.
It's now 6am, and the morning nurse arrives to check my vitals and tells me she will be the one assisting the Dr. in delivering the baby and that the baby WILL BE delivered before 2pm.
Very nice nurse BTW! She kept hinting that all I need to do is ask for an epideral. It was a good thing to she kept hinting, because by the time I really needed it the, if she hadn't of persissted, there were 4 other women who were in line to have one after me, any later, and I would have really had to wait a long time....It was around lunchtime, my husband,MIL,his grandmother, and my Mom who went to drop my son of at school all were told it would still be awhile and to go have lunch. Well not 20 min later, the nurse is running to get someone to give me something to stop the contractions to wait for the DR...That was what was funny, I couldn't feel the contractions, but all of the sudden I felt this pain...I told my husband to go get the nurse. He was trying to convince me I didn't remember what a contraction felt like!!! Yeah right! The nurse told me it was her head, and a couple of pushes and she'd be born. It's all amazing!! She gives all of us BIG SMILES and now laughter!! She was only 5'lbs 5oz, but boy is she getting some FAT little cheeks.
Everybody have a great Monday!!

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Haleigh Anne said...

You've got a full house...but, cute kids who I know are totally worth it!! They always are. Espeically when they are so little and cute like Miss JKLM. (All the letters represent the mom going through "roll call").