Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A few of my plans for the Summer!
A trip to Disneyland would be nice, but I'm leaning more to San Diego. I'm thinking Lego Land and the San Diego Wild Animal Park, the Zoo, or Sea World. Disneyland is just too expensive. I'd rather take them to the Beach in the morning and than late in the afternoon, go down to the Disneyland Hotel and walk around, have dinner, and watch the fireworks from the Hotel. I've also never been to Coronado Island, so my husband's Aunt said she'd meet me and the kids.
I'm thinking of going during the week, because it'll be cheaper than the weekends.
I also wanted to paint our bedroom. My husband's favorite color is purple. I was looking at DIY
Network, and found this episode . I looked at Home Depot and the Venetian Plaster is a little expensive, so I'll look for a color to match the Lt. Amethyst.
Towards the end of Summer around the end of August I really want to try and start a garden. Some of you know, I don't have a Green Thumb, but I'm really jealous and want so much to be able to have a pretty little spot in my yard...Considering the herbs I bought a month ago did not last the month. I really keep trying to keep them alive. I thinking a backup drip system would help me on the days I forget to water them. Anyways, I'm thinking I'll be safe starting something small!
Everyone have a great day! :P


Bar Bar A said...
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Bar Bar A said...

Wild Animal Park is one of my fave places! We had year long passes there. I would vote for San Diego over Diz-land :) Coronado is lovely, but actually I've only been to a pub there where all the Top Gun fliers hang out- it was so cool!!