Monday, June 19, 2006

Since yesterday is but a memory now, for today I'll tell you how my husband's day went yesterday! He got to sleep in a little yesterday. He enjoyed Bacon,Egg, and Cheese Burritos with Peach and Mango Salsa. The kids got him a World's Greastest Dad T-Shirt and King Kong the movie. Maybe you'll find this funny! My husband is an extremely frugal shopper when it comes to groceries. He went to Smart and Final and got a 20lb. hunk of steak, so he could cut his own steaks. To clear the counter, he had to move the griddle I cooked the bacon and heated the tortillas. I hadn't had a chance to empty out the grease catcher under the griddle ( I had just finished eating) when he moved it (without checking first if the grease was gone) most of the grease came pouring out onto the kitchen floor! I told him not to worry about cleaning it, that I would get it, but he told me he'd clean it...When he was done, (I was going to clean all the floors), he told me that his spot was cleaner than the rest of my floor(he was kidding me), teasing him, I said since he did such a good job cleaning his mess(he thinks he can clean,better than me(some things)) he'd have to clean the rest of the floor. I was just kidding, but we both had a good laugh! We BBQd steaks and invited my Father-In-Law, Monter-In-Law, and my husband's grandmother over. Remember I said my husband was a frugal shopper, well the last time we BBQd cheap burgers with a lot of fat. So when he went to heat the grill and burn off everything, he just about started a grease fire....That's OK, my son pointed out he knew where the fire extinquisher was. The pool was clean, and the kids got to swim. We even let our black lab cool off. He loves the water...This was really cute. As our dog was swimming my son was holding onto him like a dolphin, catching a ride. All in all it was a good day! The sad part of the day for my husband his kids forgot to call him...I don't understand his Ex. She seems to live in her own little world. He works at 4:00 in the morning for construction. He stayed up until 10:30 last night waiting for them to call.No card, no email, nothing!They don't even have to get him anything. He just would like to know they care enough to call.I feel for him, because I know it hurts him. I don't like blaming his EX, but his children are 17 and 14, they're old enough not to have to be reminded. It's a situation that's hard for me not to get involved in. In the past I'd mention to him to call his kids, but WHY should he! They forget his birthday too! God forbid he forget theirs! I just stand back and try to let him know, that even though 18 yrs they live with her, they have the rest of their lives to have a relationship with him, trying to sound positive. There is no way of telling, but I just hope, it won't always be like this for him with them. I said before it's not like he's tried having a relationship with them, he calls, we buy presents for them for their birthday, and Christmas, he pays child support. God help me I just don't understand. Onto a happy thought. We had fun watching Billy Madison, and the Wedding Singer last night. Two of his favorite movies.
Everyone have a great Monday!


Glamorous Redneck said...

Hey thanks for stopping & the compliment on my redesign! I LOVE Billy Madison and The Wedding Singer! Very funny movies!

Bar Bar A said...

Sounds like a fun day in spite of the grease spill!!! Glad you and your hubby can laugh over things like that, it says a lot about your marriage :)