Friday, June 23, 2006

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster. Sunday with Father's Day, and the bittersweet day my husband had. Monday, with my feeling helpless against Diabetes sometimes. Tuesday was better, and I felt like I was getting things together. Wendsday I took the baby to the Doctor's for her 4 month shots. You know how that went, no explanation needed on how cranky she got after(she has every right, her poor little legs were so sore), not to mention I know she's teething on top of that.Thursday, was fun. My husband took the kids swimming, and my son can now swim without his floaties. YAY! Today, I'm planning on taking the kids to the library, shop for a bigger purse, and buy some frames for my daughter's awards. I'd like to go to the nursery and look for some pretty flowers and pick out some paint for our bedroom.
Everyone have a great weekend!


Bar Bar A said...

You have a great weekend too! Yep, sounds like your week had some ups and downs and turns but ended well :)
I took the day off work today and loved every second of it!!!

Neurotic Mom said...

Great blog.

My son needs to catch up on his shots and i'm not looking forward to that at all.