Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ok today is going much better than yesterday! It started with, every morning when my son gets up we need to test his blood to check his glucose level. Well (it must be because it was Monday), when we went to test it the machine was out of batteries, and I needed to buy more. Off to the store to buy more. We get home, and he tested 329, which is very High. Normal is between 100-150. He's on an insulin pump which is a life saver. So I was anxious to see if it wasn't working right. In the meantime, I'm trying to get breakfast ready, and I'm pretty sure the baby is teething, because she's been a little more than cranky lately. After breakfast, I give my son his insulin to cover his breakfast and to some extra to correct his High. So an hour goes by and I need to recheck him to make sure he's still not High. Well, he tested 342. The only two reasonable explanation for these unexplained Highs are 1.) He either took some Pringles or I need to check to make sure his pump is working.....I ask him if he took some Chips without letting me know.....He answers me...." I just touched them, I didn't eat any!"LOL! Cute answer!I should have seen the crumbs on his shirt! :P Who can resist Pringles? Can you only eat one?Ok! By now it's lunchtime, and I give him his insulin to cover lunch and a little extra to get him back to normal ( probably to cover his chip consumption)...Happy to say that with an hour of swimming he tested at 124 later on in the afternoon....It's just days like these that frustrate me. I told my husband it's not that I mind the sneaking of food, he's a little guy who's growing and most kids do it anyway....I just find it hard some days to keep going dealing with the day in day out worry about what he eats, when he eats, and how much he eats! The insulin pump makes life more flexible, but the whole diabetes in general gets me sometimes, and yesterday just happened to be one of those days!

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Haleigh Anne said...

I am glad to hear your son is OK and that you got his levels back to normal. What a great mom you are to be so dedicated to your son. Believe it or not there are some moms that wouldn't worry as much.