Friday, June 30, 2006

I asked my daughter to help me out with these, and she more than happy to help.

10 Things About Me

1.) I always have a drink in my hand. Coffee, first thing in the morning.Then it's water,diet pepsi, or iced tea.

2.)My ears are pierced twice, but I only wear one set.

3.) Everyone in my family thinks this is gross, but I love Mac&Chz with plenty of mustard.

4.)I worked at RedLobster for 2yrs. It's a good thing I love seafood.

5.) I dreamed of being a travel agent. I was one for about 2yrs, but found out the owners of the company got to do all the traveling.

6.) Now when I grow up I want to be either an X-Ray or Ultrasound tech.

7.) No matter how hard I try I can't grow a garden. I find it very sad.

8.)I love the outdoors. Camping,hiking,skiing. even taking nature walks.

9.)I've started so many projects, but have only been able to finish a couple.

10.) I love to listen to Country music. I also listen to Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith,Oldies,and 80's. Another music genre I found visiting Mexico are Mexican love ballads. Very beautiful and Romantic. I can understand Spanish almost fluently, but I can only just get by speaking it.

And here's a bonus from my daughter because she loves the fact:

11.)My 12yr. old daughter is taller than me!

Everyone have a great day!


Bar Bar A said...

Fun to read your list! I have never heard of mustard on Mac & Cheese...but I've but Ketchup on it :)

Is your daughter tall or are you short?

I love the outdoors too!!!

Have a great weekend!

Christine said...

Thanks Bar! I'm short, 5'2", she's about an inch taller.

Neurotic Mom said...

LOL that last one is funny

Christine said...

Thanks N.Mom! My daughter thinks it funny too!