Monday, June 05, 2006

I may have mentioned some of these memories before, but I always like to here stories from anyone who has had a brush with a STAR! My BEST memory is of a time when we were at Disneyland with my husband's friend and his wife, right in front of the Swiss Family Tree House. There was this woman standing in front of this restaurant. My husband's friend's wife said,"That woman looks like Olivia Newton John!" So everyone but my husband (he's a little SHY!) approached this woman, and my husband's friend asked this lady what her name was! She replied in the sweetest tone, "Olivia, what's yours!" I was almost shoulder to shoulder to her. She is so beautiful and sweet! Another one of my favorite memories is of this time my husband and I went to see "The Lion King" at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. As I sat in my seat on the end of the aisle, and my husband was just putting his down, he spied Jean- Claude VanDamnn's family (sp?) sitting directly behind us....Me and my BIG Mouth got all excited, and they moved further up. It was worth an extremely Great Look at his BUM! A few more notable memories, the restaurant where I worked I served MAC if anyone remembers 'Night Court', Pia Zadora, Bryan Gumble, and I almost ran into Diane Keaton as she was walking one of her babies around the restaurant...I can't remember the singer's name who sang 'Achy Breaky Heart', but he walked through our kitchen area to get to the Country Bar next door without being seen, so I got a glimpse of him. Anyone else have some great stories to share! Feel Free to leave a comment, and I'll post your story here!

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