Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Friends Day Wednesday #7
Every Weds. I pick out 5 things that Catch My Eye or that I have in common with someone.
1.) My oldest daughter is decorating her room with an Ocean Theme. So she's got pics of whales and Dolphins on her wall, and her comforter is in shades of blue. So when I saw this pic from ChiLady , I just reallyliked it.
2.)Thank you to Present Storm for these refreshing and Yummy Smoothie recipes.
3.)One of these days I'd really like to go to Hawaii. Thank you to Kailani for sharing her pics of her trip to Maui.
4.)This NEW TT from Purple Giraffee. I love collectibles, and her weekend project of hers, looks like something I'd like to be able to do.
5.)This pic I think is Hilarious from Powers Twin B .

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Bar Bar A said...

Oh my goodness! I have had dolphins in my room forever (still do) and just put a few away the other day, do you think your daughter would like them? they are kinda cool, I can take a pic if you'd like. It would be a gift from one dolphin lover to another (I just did a post on dolphins the other day!)