Monday, June 12, 2006

In honor of Father's Day this Sunday, I'm dedicating this Monday Memories to my Father!

He was a good man. A hard working man. He was a devoted father, and husband. That old familar saying that Actions, Speak Louder Than Words, that was my Father to a T! He wasn't one to say He loved you, but you knew by his laughter and the heart to heart talks we had, he cared very deeply for his family.

My father's family was originally from Ohio, moved to Florida, and eventually made their way to Calif. He grew up in Orange County.He went off to the Vietnam war, and was stationed in Okinawa as a radio operator. After coming home, through his best friend's girlfriend met my Mother at a car rally.My mother, the smart woman that she was had a choice between some other car and my Father's '65 Mustang. She chose the Mustang and my Father. Two years later they married, and another 2 yrs. after that I was born.

He was a great photographer. He took some great black and white pictures of me as a newborn, that I cherish. He studied to be an architect, but instead worked for PacBell as a telephone repairman. He worked through the years and recieved an early retirement.

My fondest memories are of those when he took us camping. Fishing with him, hiking with him and our German Shephard. He had dreams of designing a log cabin for us to move to Northern Ca, but it was only a dream.

Other Memories are of One Halloween he dressed up like the Incredible Hulk, and scared all the kids who came to the door. I was Strawberry Shortcake, and my brother was a Vampire. Awww the Good Ol' Days!

He taught me how to ride my bike. He always seemed to keep his eye on us kids making sure we we're well taken care of. When time ever came for us to go to the Emergency room, he always rushed in to fill the position. I remember I had to have surgery on my foot and he stayed by my side. He was a gentle and kind soul.

He loved to read. I inherited that from him. My earliest memory is, I can't remember the book, I know it was a classic, I think it was Alice in Wonderland,where he would read us a chapter every night, and before he would read to us he would detail the words with definitions, so my brother and I could understand.

He was a great cook! Oooooohhh, how I loved his Omelettes and his Hotter than Hell Chili. His steaks that he grilled melted in your mouth.

Like I said he was a man of very little words, but I miss the nights when we would sit and talk about my friends, my boy friends, just my life in general.He taught me how to play chess, and some occasions would let me win! He would always make my life a little clearer with the wisdom in the advice he'd give me. Those days are long gone, but not forgotten.

My last memory before his death, is seeing the man who I knew very little about, who I did not understand his personal battles with his inner demons, seeing how alcohol robbed him of his life and took my father and my children's grand-father away from us. At the age of 52, he died an alcoholic related death. I saw him 2 mos. before he passed away, an empty shell of the man who I will always remember had so much passion in his life. More than sometimes, I wish life were different, and some of you might think me crazy, but I still talk to him, and ask his advice and opinions on what he thinks I should do.

The fondest memory I have after his death. The day my husband and I were on our way to the wedding chapel to get married, the marriage certificate flew out the car window, and mysteriously flew back in....Paranormal....my husband and I like to think that my Dad, his neighbor who loved my husband dearly Franny, and another family friend who told us we would be together Forever, lent a helping hand to make sure we got to the church on time.

Thank you Daddy for all your loving care and I know you are with me and my family now!

God bless you, and just know that I love you very much!


Trish said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father. I'm touched by your words.
I know he's with you as well.

Bar Bar A said...

This is really special. I don't think its weird at all that you talk to your dad still. I miss my dad more now than I did when he first past away and its been 31 years!!!

Very cool story about your wedding certificate!!!!