Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Have you caught your kids doing something good this week? This weekend, I caught glimpses of my son trying so hard to be good, you could see the mischeif in his eyes. He knew it was hard work being good, at least for him. Don't get me wrong, he's a great kid, but he's just learning a behavior that doesn't come easy for him. I've been told I have the Patience of Job, but my son in that respect is quite the opposite. Let's just say he gets it from his Father. Saturday, my husband told him he'd take him bowling. If you tell my son something you better be prepared to keep your word. You better believe it. For the better part of Sunday morning, he couldn't stop asking to go bowling. My MIL had to remind him to be patient. He just nodded OK! It seemed like every half hour he was asking if we were going yet! I reminded him we were visiting family first, and that we would go bowling after. Finally, I just told him the next time he asks he wouldn't get to go, because he wasn't listening. That worked, and we left not too long after that. What caught my attention is the game of bowling? How is this related to being patient! My son loves to just go head first, no holding back, and gives everything he does all he's got. Which isn't a bad thing it can accomplish so much in the right way! With bowling, you have a lane next to you on either sides if you aren't on the end lanes. What my son had to do was before he bowled he had to stop, look both ways, and then continue having his fun knocking all the pins down. You could see him struggling with it. In a way too, he needed to be aware of who was around him and take his turn. Sometimes this comes easy to some people and children. My son's just learning that he needs to slow down be patient and wait his turn. He was so cute, because he knew what to do, and he wasn't frustrated, you could tell he was getting it, but it wasn't as easy as he'd liked it to be. Which means he just has to work at it, and it will come.


TC said...

How cool that he is working so hard to learn patience. I don't think a lot of kids are born with the patience gene. That comes later.

Pass The Torch said...

I think this is an excellent example of catching your kid being good. These are really hard skills to learn and he's doing an excellent job of learning them. You're also doing a fantastic job of recognizing it.

And for some of us, patience just never comes...;)

Thanks for joining us again for Pass the Torch Tuesday. I enjoy reading about your family.

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Catch said...

heck, Im still learning all that stuff! lol