Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A few words about these Lantana. My daughter and husband both agree, that these will not survive the week! I'm hoping to prove them wrong , that I do have a Hidden Green Thumb deep within me, and I can grow a garden into a desert oasis, or keep a plant alive longer than a week in the least. This pic will be the first of many. I'll be posting one every Sunday. I joined Tricia's . I also bought some Red,White, and Blue Verbena for the Holidays, but becuase of the Monsoons,( no they haven't died ) the blossoms were blown off, I'm hoping to get a great pic of it for you soon.

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mar said...

I love Lantanas (thanks for the name!) they are called the Spanish flower here in Spain because of the shades of red and yellow, like the Spanish flag. I have a tiny one which is doing very good. I will check that sunday link out, I don't have a green thumb but I keep trying!