Monday, July 24, 2006

Here are a few pics I uploaded to Flickr.You can see them here LAS VEGAS TRIP 2006! The Rose boquet was the display in the lobby at the Mirage were real roses.The arrangement of Orhids and I know the name of the flower as one of the flowers from Hawaii, but the name is escaping me now were real ,and there had to be about 20 of them lining the walkway to the Dolphin exhibit. Theywere gorgeous.

MY 'LIL Chubby angel baby!

These three dolphins are females, the males were kept separate. Their names are Duchess, Sage, and Huff' N' Puff!

There are plenty more pics. I'll have them posted soon.


Happy0303 said...

Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes!

Carmen said...

Isn't Vegas great? I posted about my upcoming trip today. Looking forward to more pictures.

Ocean Lady said...

How cool that you got to be that up close!