Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The kids had fun this weekend, swimming. Our friends came over for some steaks and burgers. My oldest daughter made these incredible brownies..Yummmmm! As the fireworks were bursting in the air, it reminded me of when my son was 3 yrs. old. We were sitting on the edge of the pool, watching as the fireworks exploded, and my son starts to cry! The loud KA-BOOMs, were scaring him, and he kept telling me and my MIL to TURN THEM OFF! It was so cute, he wanted us to turn the fireworks off! Monsoon season is here now too! ThankGod we got about 10 min. of nice rain, not sprinkles, and not little drops that burnt on impact, but RAIN! That's my little story for the day! Everyone have a goodnight!

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